Working from home

Working from home


Are you working from home (again) instead of at the office? It's a real challenge for many people. Home is the place where you normally relax after work. Focus on the pro's and try to do something about the cons. We have some tips for you:


  • Find a place in your house where you can work without interfering too much with your private life: you must be able to focus and be distracted as little as possible. Take a critical look around your house: there may be a place that you do not immediately think of that is nevertheless suitable. Make sure you have a good desk chair (maybe you can takethe one from the office?) And you will need good lighting.

  • Getting up early, taking a shower, having breakfast, having a cup of tea: stick to a routine. This helps prepare your body and mind for a productive workday.

  • Before you start, make a list of the priorities for the day. Schedule enough time to complete your tasks and make sure you stick to this schedule.

  • Check in with your boss and colleagues from time to time. Keep them updated on your schedule and progress, especially if there are any changes.

  • The key to success is balance. Allow yourself enough time during the day to walk away from your computer screen and phone. Do some (yoga) exercises or take a walk around the block, have a tea break an a nice lunch and (very important) don't forget that the working day ends at a certain time: keep private and work time separate as much as possible, no matter how difficult that may be.



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