Protocol in Corona-period

Protocol in Corona-period

Reopening professions where physical contact is inevitable during Corona-period requires special measures. In collaboration with the branche-organization of our industry, we have compiled following protocol in accordance with their guidelines.

Not all our consultation locations are open yet, so we had to make some adjustments. The way we work will also be different than before Corona times.

Professions with physical contact in our industry are not allowed to work without these guidelines, so we ask for your understanding.




In General

In most locations it is no longer allowed to have an assistant present. The specialist therefore comes without an assistant (with a few exceptions).

You can book your consultation through our website: Important: You can now choose between a consultation with or without translation (English translation to Dutch, and in Belgium English translation to Dutch or French. An assistant translates using video calling). If you do not choose a consultation with translation, we assume that you speak and understand English. If online booking is problematic for you, send us an email ( or phone/whatsapp (0031 (0) 6 11397334) and we will guide you.

To avoid unnecessary risk of contamination from cash money / ATM you will have to pay your consultation in advance by the indicated payment options in the payment link in your appointment confirmation email (there is no assistant present at the consultation location, so you can no longer pay cash or by pin/ATM anymore). 

The appointment confirmation also contains a cancellation link that you can use up to 24 hours before the consultation. Do you have to cancel within 24 hours before the start of your consultation due to illness? Then phone or send us a whatsapp message.

You will receive the invoice as usual by email after the consultation.

There will be no assistant with food supplements at the locations. You can order the supplements in our Sri Sri Ayurveda webshop. We have adjusted the shipping costs in our webshop for this. For all orders up to € 50 within the Netherlands, shipping costs are € 3.75, and for orders above € 50, we will pay the shipping costs. (With the exception of orders abroad: we are forced to use the shipping rates already applied in our webshop. For Belgium: € 7). Collecting loyalty points (spaarpunten) is not possible in the webshop; any accumulated loyalty points are parked until we have found a solution. If you have difficulties please ask us for advice and we will help you further.

What do we ask you to do?

• Very important: Please arrive punctually so that all clients can have a consultation without delay. We have to stick to the time reserved for you, we also have to clean between consultations so we must avoid any delay. It is not desirable that a consultation is delayed and you, or the client after you, will have to wait (a consultation takes up to approximately 20 minutes: a total of 30 minutes is reserved for arrival, consultation, cleaning and departure before the next client arrives). However, do not arrive too early: if there is no waiting room available, you may have to wait outside until the therapist comes to pick you up and let you in (so bring an umbrella in rainy weather).

• Wear a mask wherever this is required.

• Please do not unnecessary touch surfaces in waiting areas and practice areas. The locationsite is usually equipped with disinfectants to disinfect your hands according to their protocol (and prior to the pulse diagnosis, we are obliged to ask you to disinfect your hands again).

• Please put your belongings (telephone, keys, etc.) in your (jacket) pocket or bag, not on the table.

• The specialist calls you in when it is your turn. Due to Corona regulations, you are no longer allowed to enter with more people: they have to wait outside the building after they have accompanied you to the consultation, if needed. Exception 1: A child (or incompetent person) may be accompanied by one parent/guardian (guardian/administrator). If you visit us with more than one (small) child, please bring someone with you to supervise the other children who are waiting outside the building. Exception 2: you may bring someone to translate for you.

• We will check your temperature with a hand thermometer on your forehead

• You should disinfect your hands with the disinfectant that is present during the consultation (the specialist also disinfects his or her hands).

• You read and sign the (short) Corona questionnaire, present on site.

• The rest of the consultation proceeds as usual, except for the specialist sitting (where possible) behind a plexiglass screen with a recess for your wrist.

• After the consultation, you will receive your advice form (the specialist will first take a photo of the form for your file).

• You can order the recommended supplements in our webshop. They will be delivered by PostNL within a few days.

What does the location staff asks you to do?

Please respect the Corona rules that apply in the location, such as:

• in large waiting areas you can only wait if allowed. If there is no waiting area or the waiting area is too small (or if the location has different rules) you can wait outside.

• use disinfectants that locations offer (the locations are usually cleaned several times a day, but be aware of all the surfaces you touch)

• do not eat or drink in the locations

• follow the walking directions, if indicated

• keep 1.5 meters distance

Toilet use is not allowed, so go to the toilet beforehand, at home or elsewhere.

General Corona rules

The general Corona rules will continue to apply (if RIVM changes the rules this protocol will be amended):

• stay at home when you have a (also mild) cold, runny nose, if you are sneezing, have a sore throat, mild cough and/or fever (make sure you do this to protect yourself and the specialist)

• stay at home if you or one of your housemates or acquaintances was tested positive for Corona, and you are still in quarantine of at least 14 days after the last day of disease symptoms

• if you have complaints or if the specialist does not consider it safe, the consultation cannot take place

• wear a mask wherever this is required

• greet without touching (no shaking hands)

• always keep 1.5 meters distance from others

• wash your hands with soap and water before coming to the consultation and use the disinfectant present in the treatment room just before pulse diagnosis

• sneeze or cough in a tissue, which you immediately throw away in a trash can. If that's not possible, sneeze or cough in your elbow

• after sneezing or coughing, wash hands with soap or use disinfectant gel