Wonder herb for hair

Wonder herb for hair


Wonder herb Bringaraj the "king of herbs" for hair growth


The leaves of the Bhringraj plant (Eclipta Prostata / false daisy) are used to prepare Bringaraj oil, which is the most suitable oil for hair growth according to Ayurveda.


What is Bringaraj oil (taila)

Bringaraj Oil (also known as Mahabhringra Hair Oil) is an oil extracted from the leaves of the Bringaraj plant grown in the humid tropical regions around the world. The oil has special significance in Ayurveda and in medical science. Bringaraj oil is rich in nutrients such as iron, vitamin E, magnesium, polypeptides, steroids, calcium and vitamin D. The oil is also rich in proteins, which have a beneficial effect on the hair.

The benefits of Bringaraj hair oil

Bringaraj works wonders to solve hair care problems such as hair loss and premature graying. According to Ayurveda, Bringaraj is 'Rasayana': rejuvenating, life-extending and stimulating for the body. The most common way to use Bringaraj on your hair is in the form of Bringaraj oil.


How Bringaraj oil benefits hair

  • Helps against dandruff and dry scalp Bringaraj oil is compact and has a higher specific weight compared to other oils. For this reason, it can penetrate deep into the scalp and treat dryness. Bringaraj oil can be heated and applied to hair to treat dandruff. The oil has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that can help reduce dandruff and also provide relief from dandruff-induced itching and oiliness. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with psoriasis or other skin irritations on the scalp. It is also said to improve circulation to the scalp.

  • Treats baldness and helps with hair growth Regular massage with Bringaraj oil improves blood circulation. When the nutrients present in the oil reach the root of the hair, they strengthen the hair follicle and help prevent baldness. These nutrients in the oil help facilitate hair growth.

  • Prevents hair loss Did you know that stress is one of the biggest reasons for hair loss? Bringaraj oil is a natural hair loss therapy with a soothing scent. Massaging the scalp and hair with Bringaraj oil relaxes the mind and prevents stress-induced hair loss. Another reason for hair loss is the lack of nutrition in the hair. Bringaraj oil is rich in nutrients that provide the hair and scalp with all necessary nutrition, preventing hair loss.

  • Promotes hair growth Did you know that massaging your scalp with Bringaraj oil can increase blood flow to your head? The oil is known to cause vasodilation, a process that causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in improved blood flow to the hair roots. This process promotes hair growth.

  • Prevents hair from turning gray Bringaraj leaves have been traditionally used to obtain black dye. Bringaraj oil prevents premature graying: due to its high antioxidant and darkening properties, Bringaraj oil is believed to inhibit and conceal premature gray hair.


How to use Bringaraj oil

Bringaraj oil can be massaged directly into the scalp. For better results, it can be heated to lukewarm for about 30 seconds before application. Gently massage the oil in circular motions for about 15 minutes and leave it on the hair for at least 30 minutes.



Bringaraj oil with Amla / Amalaki (Emblica officinalis. It has an extra cooling effect and is very high in vitamin C.


How to use Bringamalak oil

Bringamalak oil can be used in the same way as Bringaraj oil, but because of the cooling properties you massage for a short time and leave it on the hair for only 5 minutes.




A natural Ayurvedic shampoo from hair care herbs to improve the quality of your hair. Bringaraj is a fantastic Ayurvedic herb for hair loss and premature gray hair. With its nourishing effect, it is considered the "king of herbs" for hair growth. Regular use of Bringaraj can make hair darker and thicker.

  • Prevents hair loss and premature graying

  • Strengthens hair strands and prevents split ends

  • Cleanses the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth


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