Marma training


Marma training by marma specialist Lita Dash

Marma are points on the body that contain concentrated life force or ‘prana’. Prana is the vibrant electromagnetic energy of nature that moves through channels called ‘nadis’. Specific points on these channels are the marma, 107 in total. It can be compared to a necklace, with the nadis being the string and the marma the pearls.


The word ‘marma’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘mrung’ or ‘marane’. ‘Marane’ means ‘death’, ‘mrung’ means ‘close to death’. This shows how important the marma are for our health and even our lives: if certain points are injured or hit, it can cause immediate death or death within a few days.


ayurvedic consult


ayurvedic consult
Marma points can also become blocked and thus interrupt the flow of energy in the body. They are in fact like switches that, when opened, enable the energy to flow. Opening these points or switches is the goal of the marma treatment, thus enabling the energy to flow through the muscles, joints and organs. This way, energy blocks in the mind are also released.


During this training, marma specialist Lita Dash explains more about the background of marma and teaches how to release the blocks in the marma points. After the training, there will be a practical examination after which you will be able to practice marma treatments independently.


Marma training usually takes place twice a year. If you would like to receive more information, please email us:


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Elements of marma training:



• Ayurveda introduction
• Doshas
• Subdoshas
• Prakruti
• Gunas
• Definition of marma
• Marmani, six kinds of marma
• Nadis
• Prana
• Contra indications of marma
• Practical aspects of marma

Private study of theory


• Skills of therapist
• Protect yourself
• Touching
• 43 marma points
• What is allowed
• Conditions of therapy room
• After marma treatment 

Preliminary examination 

25 patients practice treatment 


After private study and 25 practice treatments you can absolve a final examination (not included in costs of training, € 75,-). 

When obtaining the certificate, you are a certified marma therapist.