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Strawberries dipped in vegan chocolate

17/04/2018 15:05
Posted By CD





  • strawberries
  • vegan chocolate in different flavours (made from rice-milk; available at Albert Heijn or in Healthfood store) 
  • toppings: f.e. coconut flakes or crunchy nuts


Wash strawberries but don't remove petals and stem.

Melt chocolate flavours in different bowls (au bain Marie) and stir well. Place a kitchen tray on a piece of paper.

Take a strawberry by the stem, dip in chocolate (if wanted dip in topping) and place on the tray.

Roll a funnel out of a piece of greaseproof paper and fill with chocolate. Decorate strawberries with small chocolate stripes.

Leave to cool. 




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