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Natural cosmetics, vital tasks of our skin

17/09/2018 10:41
Posted By LL


The human skin and its vital tasks 

The skin is our largest and most versatile organ and has a vital role in health care and disease prevention. It provides protection against the harmful effects of heat, cold or bacteria. In addition, the skin can excrete toxins and biological waste; This is not possible if the skin pores are clogged. It is therefore essential to use natural cosmetics that can maintain a good pore structure and allow the skin to "breathe".

As a living part of our organism, the skin is constantly changing, the skin is also the mirror of our soul, of our mind. It reflects our mental state of health. Whatever cosmetics we apply, their ingredients wil emerge into our cells and the bloodstream.

Therefore, only natural, pure and high-quality ingredients should be used for natural cosmetics - a basis for responsible skin care. Then our skin will also express our inner beauty and our love for one's self and others.

Our care products are full of life energy and holistically promote our physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being - all for your beauty and your smile.

Functions of the skin

1. Protection against heat and sun rays. 
2. Horn layer, protection against injury and dehydration. 
3. Germ layer, replicating new skin cells. 
4. Melanocytes, protection of genetic information from ultraviolet rays. 
5. Nerve endings, recording of touch stimuli. 
6. Lamellar bodies, recording of pressure stimuli. 
7. Sweat glands, production of sweat, protection from overheating due to evaporation. 
8. Cooling receptors, recording of temperature stimuli - cold. 
9. Heat receptors, recording of temperature stimuli - warm. 
10. Sebaceous glands, production of sebum (fat). 
11. Fat storage, protection against pressure and hypothermia. 
12. Blood vessels, temperature regulation and supply skin cells with nutrients and oxygen.

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