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Liz Luedemann Art of Living Cosmetics

19/09/2018 10:41
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Liz Luedemann Art of Living Cosmetics

Unique natural cosmetics - beauty in its perfect form

The more we wholeheartedly care for our health and live a conscious lifestyle, we can achieve a powerful charisma and cultivate a more harmonious connection with other people. Today, cosmetics are primarily associated with external features of beauty: skin texture, elegance in posture, the eyes should radiate.

Inner beauty speaks to our emotional world and our mental, emotional strengths, such as enthusiasm or the ability of our heart to express love. It begins with accepting oneself, valuing oneself and living consciously; then we develop loving kindness and care - the foundation of human values.

This second dimension of beauty is the energy, insight, and inspiration needed to stay in balance both from the inside and out. Development of these special qualities takes time, patience and willingness to learn from our experiences. Our natural cosmetics are designed to restore or strengthen the balance of fine, subtle energies through the skin so there will be physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This is beauty in its perfect form.

Liz Luedemann, her life

In the early 70's, Liz began to suffer from skin problems, although she took good care for her skin since her youth. Her dermatologist stated: "There is no therapy for your skin problems! Skin care products generally contain preservatives and synthetic ingredients and these are bad for your skin. There are no other cosmetics available."

At that time, Liz already possessed the skills of an innovative and strong entrepreneur. One morning in January 1980, she woke up with a vision for solving her problem, a vision for her entire future life. She simply knew that her task was to develop and produce an effective and exceptionally high quality natural cosmetics line.

This vision has become reality and gives her great fulfillment in her life. Her natural cosmetics express her creativity, energy, joie de vivre and her youthfulness.


The vision

Liz's went to the University Library of Hamburg, where she became familiar with the composition of cosmetics: she was horified about the many synthethical ingredients that are used. She continued her studies by contacting the research departments of leading cosmetics manufacturers. These, however, smiled at their idea of ​​natural skincare and explained that there was no market for it.

Despite these obstacles, Liz's intuition led her to the solution. Ever since her childhood days she has been very interested in herbs and plants. Liz decided to visit cosmetics fairs, where she found only a few suppliers of natural raw materials.

Liz began developing prescriptions for creams and visited university libraries across northern Germany. She gave her prescriptions to a pharmacist, from whom she got the finished creams. Over time, she adjusted the recipes to optimize them for her own skin. She returned to the few suppliers of natural resources, bought her own laboratory equipment and gradually developed her own skincare line. It took a long, very long time.

Their first "test persons" were employees and customers of one of the great shopping centers in Hamburg. These test persons loved the new natural cosmetics so Liz decided to market them. First, she sold to friends, then to trade fairs in Germany: there was a great demand for natural, high-quality cosmetics.

With the support of her husband, a senior management consultant, began a life with lots of work, but at the same time joy and fulfillment.



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