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Digestion: the main source of health

28/09/2016 12:10
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 Good digestion means good health

Agni - the digestive fire
According to Ayurveda, good health begins with proper digestion. To have the maximum profit of good food, it’s essential to have a good digestion and absorption. The Ayurvedic term for digestion is Agni, which means fire; deep within there is a fire that stimulates the digestion and absoption of food. The strenght of this fire determines how well this is done.

If you don’t eat the kind of food that is compatible with your constitution, the digestive fire weakens. Also, having food when you’re not hungry and not eating when you are, disturbs digestion.

Other things that diminish agni:

  • too much food
  • too much or cold drinking during meals
  • irregular lifestyle, going to bed very late 
  • food at irregular times

Ama - the toxins
If your food is not well digested, this creates ama. Ama can be translated as undigested waste materials or toxins that polute the body and it acts as a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases. It makes you feel weak and with little energy without a clear cause and is responsible for the complaints that arise from bad digestion. These could be heart burn, bloated stomache, constipation or tiredness after meals. If you leave these signals unattended, they can eventially lead to more serious complaints.

Ayurvedic treatments always aim at strengthening agni and removing ama. They go hand in hand. One of the ways to achieve this is by cleansing and support of herbs that strengthen agni. Ayurveda also promotes regular, short periods of fasting to remove the toxins and strengthen agni; this can be done for example when the season changes or having only soup and juices once a week. It is good to do this only one day, since fasting for too long causes imbalance in the body and undermines the digestive fire. After fasting, it is important to have the food that suits your constitution.  

If you feel that your digestion is not entirely up to the mark, or if you feel that there might be ama in your system, an Ayurvedic consultation could be just the thing for you. In Ayurveda, every person is unique with their won specific constitution and metabolism (agni). There is no ‘one size fits all’ medicine , diet, treatment or detox. A consultation can give you insights and directions to improve your digestion and to feel more energetic, better and lighter.  





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