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The specialists


Lita Dash

Specialisation: Nadi Pariksha.

Pancha Karma, Agni Karma, Marma Prana, dietetics


For many years, Lita Dash was head of the Sri Sri Ayurveda Pancha Karma Center in Bangalore. Since Lita is the sixth generation of Ayurveda doctors in her family, her life was connected to Ayurveda from a very young age. She studied at the Orissa University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.). After that, she specialized in Pancha Karma (ayurvedic cleansing), nutrition and Marma Prana (treatment of energy points on the body). In Europe all Sri Sri Ayurveda Pancha Karma treatments and Marma trainings take place under her supervision. With more than 10 years of practice, she is not only an expert in these fields, but also in the field of Nadi Pariksha (pulse diagnosis).








Kiran Valsan

Specialisation: Nadi Pariksha.

Fertility problems, treatment young children, lectures


Kiran Sree Valsan obtained his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) at the Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science in Bangalore and specialized in Nadi Pariksha (pulse diagnosis). For five years, he was head of the Sri Sri Ayurveda center in Kerala. His consultations were in so much demand that at times, he was consulted by 60 people a day. At the request of Sri Sri Ayurveda Netherlands, Kiran Valsan came to Europe where he gives consultations in The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain. He also frequently gives presentations, at which he explains the basic principles of Ayurveda in a clear and accessible way.






Suraj Sunny Thattil

Specialisation: Nadi Pariksha.

Marma, Agnikarma, arthritis, fertility-problems, special treatments, lectures


Ayurvedic specialist (Vaidya) Suraj Sunny Thattil was born in 1989 in Kerala (India), the land of ayurveda. After 6 years of full-time study, he obtained his B.A.M.S. degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in 2015 at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Karnataka and at the Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research in Bangalore. He established his own Ayurvedic clinic in Kerala in 2015 and also worked at the Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital in Bangalore. There he was responsible for diagnoses, specialized medication, supervision of detox programs (Panchakarma) and advice in the field of nutrition and yoga. In 2016 he completed the specialization in Nadi Pariksha (pulse diagnosis) after which he practiced this in more than 25000 patients. Besides being an expert in Nadi Pariksha, Suraj Sunny Thattil specializes in Marma, Agnikarma (ayurvedic cauterization), Jaloukavacharana (leech therapy) and diseases related to fertility and joints.