Sri Sri Ayurveda Production Unit

The Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research (SSCASR) offers the education of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S), acknowledged by the CCIM (Central Council of Indian Medicine) and by the Indian government. As such, SSCASR is one the ‘Institutions of Excellence’ that practise the traditional Indian science of health.


The education is characterised by the high standard of teaching ayurveda in a balanced equilibrium between ancient traditional knowledge and modern science. Continuous research is being done by highly qualified ayurvedic scientists, building a bridge between the old ayurvedic wisdom and the modern world.


The professional course (B.A.M.S. degree) extends for a period of 4½ years, comprising of three phases of eighteen months each. In addition to this, there is compulsory internship training for a period of one year.


The college has an extensive library with more than 3500 books about ayurveda and other medicinal sciences. Furthermore, it contains a digital library with access to more than 2000 medical magazines. About 400 species of plants which include rare and local species of medicinal plants are grown in an area of 6 acres. This helps the students to get familiarized with each species of the medicinal herbs.


In the YES+ program of Art of Living, yoga and meditation are part of the curriculum. In this way not only the means are being offered for students to become excellent professionals, but also to develop their full potential as conscious world citizens, well-equipped to serve others.